Straight from the Ramp - TBCW - A/W 13

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  • BCW 13- 024

    Rs. 450,000.00

    French-Cut Corset with Inset Triangle heavily encrusted and embellished with Gold Zardozi, Gilt wire, Gold metal elements, Sunstones and Swarovski Crystals in Clear and Champagne Hues. Handmade Crochet Lehnga with a dramatic trail, delicately covered in small Swarovski crystals and pearls with a Heavy Gold Border in Gold Lame and Organza Embellished with Sunstones, Pearls, Gold Elements and Swarovski Crystals in Gold and Champagne. White Chikankari Dupatta Bordered in Seed pearls and White Silk Embroidery.

  • BCW 13- 023

    Rs. 175,000.00

    Off-white Sherwani heavily encrusted with South sea and Seed pearls in a chain-mail pattern with Khussas to match. White Silk brocade with a Gold Pattern Turban with a bejeweled trim and large brooch.

  • BCW 13-022

    Rs. 95,000.00

    Sapphire Blue Sherwani with an overlapping front panel, custom made bejeweled buttons and embroidery in Seed pearls and clear Swarovski Crystals. Midnight Blue Velvet Turban to match With Bejeweled trim on either side.

  • BCW 13- 021

    Rs. 650,000.00

    Tudor-Cut Corset encrusted with Lapiz, Silver elements, Glass Beads, Sapphires, Zardozi and Swarovski elements in clear crystal and Sapphire tones. Chikankari Lehnga with Sapphire Beads, And Mukesh Dupatta Heavily Bordered with Silk Embroidery in White and Blue with Sapphires and Moonstones.

  • BCW 13- 020

    Rs. 95,000.00

    Voluminous Bishop’s Jacket in Midnight Blue Velvet with a Phoenix Emblem in Pristine White Silk and Pearl and Swarovski encrusted Collar. Midnight Blue Velvet Waistcoat embroidered in Seed Pearls and clear Swarovski crystals with pants also in Midnight Blue Velvet to match.

  • BCW 13- 019

    Rs. 95,000.00

    Maroon Velvet Shux (Sherwani/Tuxedo Hybrid) embroidered in Cream Wool with a pale gold Band Collar shirt and Maroon Velvet Trousers with shoes in matching Velvet also embroidered in Cream Wool.

  • BCW 13- 018

    Rs. 65,000.00

    Front Open Narrow-Cut Sherwani in Ruby and Burn Gold Brocade with a Zardozi and ruby encrusted collar. Pale Gold waistcoat with custom made Zardozi buttons to match and dull Gold Silk trousers. Matching shoes in Ruby and Burnt Gold Brocade.

  • BCW 13- 017

    Rs. 75,000.00

    Ivory Paper Silk and Chiffon Jamwar Blouse embellished with Silk Embroidery in Jewel Tones and Swarovski Elements. Ivory luxe’ Silk Brocade Pants embroidered with Silk in Jewel tones and off-set by Swarovski crystals in Gold and Champagne.

  • BCW 13- 016

    Rs. 60,000.00

    Powder Pink Chikankari Dupatta trimmed with Multicolor Embroidered Silk Borders in a Floral Pattern with a Pink Chiffon Halter Blouse and Pink Mukesh Lehnga with Silver Gota trim.

  • BCW 13-015

    Rs. 28,000.00

    Pristine White Charmeuse Silk Kurta painstakingly pleated 360 degrees and embellished with Multicolored Resham using ‘Katcha Taanka’ technique embroidery with pre-pleated and stitched Dhoti in White Cotton and White embroidered silk khussas to match. Silk Jamawar Turban in Maroon, Green and Ivory.

  • BCW 13- 014

    Rs. 120,000.00

    Chikankari Saari in Pristine White trimmed with gathered Copper Lame’ and Jamawar with Saphire Blue Halter Blouse in Brocade with Copper Lame’ straps. Saari borders embroidered with Copper Gilt Hammer work and Swarovski Sapphire Crystals set in Copper Zardozi.

  • BCW 13- 013

    Rs. 65,000.00

    Ivory Brocade with floral pattern in Mahogany. Borders embroidered in Mahogany Silk and Zardozi with matching Khussas in Ivory with Mahogany embellishment. Matching Turban in Crushed silk Jamawar entwined with ropes of Pearls.