5 Trending Sherwani Designs to Rock Your Wedding Look

Men’s fashion has become equally important in current times as women’s.  Men too these days spend a lot of time on their looks and appearance.  Fashion is dominating the world. People keep on competing with one another to appear their best on special occasions. A wedding is probably the biggest event in both men's and women’s lives. They wish it to be picture-perfect. Everyone desires to look the most appealing on this special day of their lives. Like women, men too want to make this a memorable one. They spend hours planning their wedding looks. From attire to accessories and footwear, everything is outlined with great enthusiasm. In older days Pakistani grooms used to wear shalwar kameez waistcoat dresses which were very traditional, but since sherwanis are like a settled trend now, there are a lot of style options to select from for different tastes and body types.

Dressing up for the Most Special Event

At fancy wedding ceremonies, all eyes are on the dresses of brides and grooms. People prefer different outfits around the world for their special occasions. In Pakistan, both men and women stick with traditional dresses for weddings. While there are plenty of options for women to choose from, men usually go for a sherwani or Shalwar Kameez with a waistcoat. Though designer Salwar Kameez for men is extremely sophisticated attire and makes a person stand out in the crowd, Sherwani has an upper hand on the former. The luxurious appearance, availability of different styling options, and rich embroidery surely make Sherwani the right attire for weddings.

Sherwani: A Perfect Outfit for the Groom

The high demand for this traditional dress in the market asks brands to come up with a range of splendid sherwani designs to meet the audience’s needs. You can find the best sherwani for men’s weddings at renowned Pakistani fashion designer outlets. The worldwide popularity of the attire has led to the availability of different styles of sherwani. Yet some designs of this historical outfit can make its wearer look more attractive and graceful than others. Here are five sherwani designs that an individual can wear on his wedding to make himself stand out on the most important event of his life.

1. Traditional Posh Royal Sherwani

One of the most trendy sherwani styles is to go for the traditional royal sherwani get-up for the wedding. These sherwanis come in attractive and flamboyant colors. They are comprised of luxurious embroidery and lavish prints. Silk and Jamawar are used as fabric to get them made. They emit glimpses of magnificent royals of ancient India. They enhance the charisma of their wearer through their high-class appearance. These heavy yet trendy outfits can be adorned with a churidar pajama or a dhoti. A luxurious shawl with sherwani  can further glorify the groom’s elegance and grace. A khussa can be a perfect fit for footwear with this kind of sherwani. 

2. Contemporary Embroidered Sherwani

These Sherwanis are equally posh and luxurious but are also much easier to be carried by the groom. They come in stylish colors and designs. These sherwanis are filled with unique and attractive embroidery. They are made up of lavish fabric. This glamorous yet sophisticated design of sherwani can make the groom look stylish and innovative. These embroidered sherwanis  are often paired with pajamas and salwar. A turban can further enrich the groom's attire when styled with these colorful Sherwani designs. 

3. Modern and Elegant Sherwani

With the advancement in technology and the rapidly spreading concept of globalization, people often wish to add a touch of modernity to their wardrobe on occasions like weddings. They want to embed Western ideas with their Eastern culture to get a unique look for the special ceremony of their life. A perfect blend of modern fashion and tradition can be obtained in Arsalan Iqbal’s sherwani for men’s weddings. These modern sherwanis  are available in elegant colors and decent prints. They are usually paired with trousers.

4. Classic Pearl White Sherwani

Not everyone desires highly embellished garments for their weddings. Some people prefer plain and simple clothing to feel comfortable yet classy. Unfortunately, most wedding outfits available in the market are extremely decorated and heavy to carry. But the team of Arsalan Iqbal is well aware of people’s needs. Hence here you can find a large collection of simple white sherwani. Though these sherwanis are plain they are designed in a way that they can effortlessly make the groom stand out in a hall.

5. Vibrant Short-length Sherwani 

Short-length sherwanis are also very popular in current times. They come in vibrant colors and with heavy embroidery. They can be styled with a shawl or a turban.  These trendy designs of sherwani can allow a groom to master his wedding look.

So buy the sherwani that suits your taste the best at Arsalan Iqbal easily! 

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