Fashion Tips To Bridegroom For His Nikkah

Men take great care while dressing themselves up. They are pretty choosy while buying any clothes for themselves and when it’s their big day, the day they will get nikkah-fied they are downright selective regarding their garb. Why shouldn’t they, after all the bridegrooms are also under the public eye while being up there on the stage. The brides may steal the show, but bridegrooms are the apple of eyes as well. There are countless things to choose from while deciding what to wear such as the color, fabric, embroidery, design and what not. 

At Arsalan Iqbal we have numerous choices of formal sherwani to opt for, each unique and elegant on its own. The first thing that our bridegrooms should keep in mind is that the clothes they wear in one event are not similar to what they will wear in the other. Mehndi and Nikkah ceremonies are similar when it comes to deciding what to go for. Both events being eastern and traditional should be taken under consideration. 

Now let’s talk about the day, when you will sign those papers and make someone your better half for life. The first thing that you should think of is to decide which colour you will choose. You should prefer the hues that will compliment the dress of the bride. If the bride goes for the traditional red dress, then pale gold, white or black will definitely look good on you. The other thing to be considered is to go for a colour that goes well with the weather. Lighter shades feel comfortable under all the lighting and camera during summer days. In winter deeper, darker hues look amazing on the bridegrooms.

Next comes the fabric, design and work done on the sherwani. It shouldn’t be over the top, rather intricate, elegant and pleasing to the eye. Little work done on the shoulder cuts, hems and collar are more appealing and attractive. Just top it up with a Kula and you are all ready to go and make the bride yours forever after!

If the Nikkah ceremony is an intimate affair, a daylight event or you are one of those men, who think sherwani feels quite dressier, we at Arsalan Iqbal offer you a whole another range of designer men salwar kameez and formal shalwar kameez suits for you that you can comfortably wear. Our men branded shalwar kameez collection are trendy and all the rage that give your overall attire that little shine and bling  you are looking for on your big day. Pair up your designer men shalwar kameez with a prince coat or a waistcoat that matches with your persona. Floral prints on waist coats or prince coats add the glam on your shalwar kameez and take your outfit to a whole another level. 

Drop by at Arsalan Iqbal, and go through our wide variety of designer salwar kameez gents and men fashion shalwar kameez. We are sure that you will fall in love with what you see. We are your one stop-solution and here to cater to all your needs exactly the way you want them.  

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