How To Choose The Perfect Eastern Outfits For Weddings As A Groom?

As the seasons change, and new trends pop up, the need for choosing the perfect and unique wedding outfits becomes eminent. Whether they are trying to find a designer sherwani for groom or a simple white kurta for men, they need to consider many things before they can determine what outfit should be chosen. This article intends to take a close look at the nuances of wedding events and will guide individuals in how they can choose the perfect wedding outfit.

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Eastern Outfit For Weddings?

Unlike Western weddings, the wedding events of Eastern countries are full of pizzazz and fashion. Everyone has to dress their best, and there is no such thing as upstaging the groom. For Pakistani people, weddings are a call for mass celebration, and the better you dress, the more appreciation is shown to the family of the bride and groom. But if you are the groom, there is a big issue of trying to find an outfit that cannot be replicated, and it has to be unique. This calls for the best designer in Pakistan, to create outfits that are truly different and unique. Having a versatile and good outfit means that it can be reused in another wedding, making it a rather sustainable option.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Outfit As A Groom?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the right outfit for the groom. In recent years, there has been quite a rise in wedding outfit options for men, making it extremely hard to choose the perfect one. The factors to consider when choosing a wedding outfit are:

  • The Amount Of Pizzaz Required

There is no easy way to say this, but it is essential to understand how fancy you wish to dress as a groom. If the groom is pointing towards simplicity, they can opt for an embroidered shalwar kameez paired with a waistcoat or a fancy shawl draped around the chest. But if they are looking for fancy outfits, the most classic and timeless option is a Sherwani.

  • The Color Of The Outfit

There are many fabrics to choose from, and depending on the season or personal Now there is a large variety of colors available for men to choose from, and the groom can choose any color they like. The groom can try to match with the bride, and choose colors that contrast with her outfit, or can choose a simple off white sherwani, for its capability of blending in with any other color, and not seeming out of place. They can also choose different colors based on the event, as Mehandi events call for bright neon colors, while Barat events are the perfect opportunity for darker monotone colors.

  • Fabric Of Their Outfit

There are many fabrics to choose from, and depending on the season or personal preference they can opt for one or the other. For winter wedding events, thicker fabrics like Velvet or Silk are a considerably good option, but for summer events, breathable fabrics like cotton or lawn can be quite beneficial. Choose fabrics that are slightly thicker, and are capable of holding their shape, as it can help you appear broader and more masculine.

  • Budget For The Outfits

The most important consideration is the amount of money that the groom is willing to spend on one outfit. Because other wedding events do not require fancy clothing, their budget can be kept less, but for a barat outfit, the budget needs to have some sort of flexibility. This does not mean that there are no good designers in Pakistan, provide high-quality designer Sherwani for men under your budget, as there may be a good few who can do it. 

  • Can It Be Reworn

It may seem pompous, but the groom needs to try to find outfits that can be worn at some other weddings. The amount of money and dedication that has gone into the outfit, makes it highly disrespectful for the outfit to be worn only once as you cannot enjoy it to its fullest in one wear only. Opt for outfits that can be re-worn and thus remain sustainable.

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