How To Style Kurtas For Formal Events?

As individuals try to navigate the tough dress codes in formal settings and go out for online kurta shopping in Pakistan, they find a lot of issues.  Arsalan Iqbal has created an elegant line of latest dresses for men, that are capable of blending in with all sorts of formal settings and can elevate your outfit easily. This article is an in-depth tutorial on how ethnic clothing like kurtas can be styled to wear at formal events.

Why Select Eastern Cloting for Formal Events?

There is nothing wrong with Western clothing being worn in formal settings, and it is one of the most common options, chosen by everyone. But it is essential to understand the importance of Eastern clothing in our culture and patriotic point of view. There is no reason for Pakistani people to let go of their culture and choose western clothing over ethnic, kurta pajamas. It is essential to strongly hold on to the cultural values of our forefathers, and keep the charm of kurtas alive. Besides all, the look that an elegant Kurta Pajama holds cannot be provided by a western outfit.

How To Style Kurta For Formal Settings?

When it comes to styling kurtas for formal settings, there are no limitations to it. Kurtas can be styled in multiple ways, some of them are: 

Kurta With Pants

One of the most common ways to style a kurta is with a simple pair of pants. They can be in contrast with your kurta and are a great choice for dressing, both casual and formal at the same time. Opt for a darker-colored Kurta, like navy blue or black, and wear similar-colored pants for a contrasting approach. 

Kurta Pajama

For your next business meeting, try wearing a Kurta pajama set, to appear both professional and extremely charismatic. A kurta pajama is a great way to lengthen the body and appear skinnier. Opt for a simple white or black kurta pajama for your next business meeting. 

Kurta With Shawl

Accessorize your kurta, by wearing a shawl on top, to create the perfect winter look. If your office is having an outdoor meeting at night, the perfect outfit has to be a light-colored kurta with a brown or black colored shawl. This is the most sophisticated winter look out there.

Kurta With Waistcoat

Layer your kurta with a waistcoat on top. This is a rather unique yet elegant approach out there. The fitting of both the waistcoat and kurta are capable of slimming down the body, to appear more toned. Pair a kurta with a waistcoat to appear more professional.

Choose The Perfect Color.

What are the most essential things to take care of while trying to buy a Kurta, is the color. Depending on the formality of the event you are attending, different colors can be chosen and worn. Darker colored kurtas like black and navy blue are perfect for nighttime or evening business meetings, for their moonlight shine. Brighter colors like white or light blue are the preferred option for daytime events and simple office lunches. Colors are a great way of self-expression and they should be considered deeply beforehand. 

How Is Arsalan Iqbal The Best Option?

If you are researching online kurta shopping in Pakistan, you will find Arsalan Iqbal right by your side. Opt for a high-quality kurta or kurta pajama set of Arsalan Iqbal, and enjoy the elegance of the high-quality and shiny fabric. With features like detailed stitching, slimming effect, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, Arsalan Iqbal has put our foundations down to make ethnic clothing the norm again and promote the cultural upbringings of our ancestors. 

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