Men’s Kurta design: The evolution from a cultural mark to the fashion symbol

Different cultures are characterized by a common language, traditions, laws, customs and even habits. While these factors, to some extent sum up a culture yet there is another important element that plays a significant role in defining a culture. It involves the way people of a defined culture dress.  Every culture has a traditional costume that symbolizes the beauty of its traditions. These costumes not only represent the culture but also create a sense of unity among the people of that culture. 

South Asia, though separated by several borders, shares a vast and diverse culture. You would find a lot of similarities in various households found in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. While South Asians are similar in many other ways, you may observe a common theme in their traditional dresses as well. One such costume you may find in almost every wardrobe in South Asia is the traditional Kurta. By definition, a kurta is a long loose shirt worn by males.

Kurta In Ancient Times

The garment that we now know as a luxurious outfit for special occasions and festivals, with thousands of kurta designs for men and women, was once casual wear for people of ancient India. Though we might not know the true origin of the Modern Kurta wears, there are a few theories that seem to have different background stories for the dress. Whether it finds its root in the Nomadic tunics of central Asia or was adopted from the garments of the early medieval era, Kurta did manage to transform into a fashion mark.  

Back in the day, Kurta was an unadorned simple garment made out of cotton or silk. People would wear it in their everyday lives. Later on, it got adopted by royalty as the magnificent Mughals embellished it with lavish handmade embroidery. It was so popular in Indian culture that every state had its kurta customized by its sub-cultures. In colonial times due to foreign influence, the use of Kurta might have been minimized. But It is said that Kurta played a symbolic role in the Indians’ efforts to gain independence against the mighty British empire. It was used as a traditional representation of Indian culture to fight Western domination. Many great leaders of the 20th century wore it with pride and honour. 

Kurta And Modern Times

By the twenty-first century, the dynamics of the world started to shift. The concept of globalization became more and more popular. The cultures started getting merged. People got access to the remote regions of the globe without ever being there. This had an impact on local South Asian attire as well. With businesses growing rapidly, a large number of clothing brands came into being. Brands from the sub-continent, looking for inspirational traditional dresses, laid their eyes on Kurta. Thus centuries-old local attire got transformed into a fashion icon. Thousands of Kurta designs for not only men but also women started emerging.

The rise of traditional media followed by social media further assisted. The use of traditional dresses in cinema and television allowed the world to witness the beautiful Eastern culture. Local dresses including Kurta played a major impact in the creation of a favourable soft image of the East in the eyes of the West. Thus it became a global sensation. People from around the world took a keen interest in the cultural costume of Indo-Pak. Overseas South Asians would order them from their hometowns to boast about their culture. It is through this influence that a great number of famous international celebrities including Robert Downey Jr. were seen wearing this traditional South Asian outfit. 

Kurta As A Fashion Symbol

Nowadays you would hardly find an individual who has never heard of or seen someone wear a Kurta. Festivities seem to be incomplete without kurtas. Kurta has become compulsory for occasions like Eid, weddings and Engagements. People wish to wear diverse kurta designs. Everyone desires to own unique styles of kurta. Brands work day and night to meet the high demands of this traditional dress.  It has become a challenge for designers to come up with brand new Men’s Kurta designs to meet the high expectations of the community.  

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