Pakistani Wedding Wardrobe: Grooming and Attire Insights for Men

Pakistani Wedding Wardrobe: Grooming and Attire Insights for Men

A Pakistani wedding is a spectacle to behold. It is the perfect event to showcase our cherished traditions. Their infusion of cultural richness and grandeur blooms this momentous occasion. At the heart of every Pakistani wedding are the captivating outfits and accessories that reflect the heritage and elegance of the region. From the traditional Shalwar Kameez and Sherwani to Waist Coats, Jackets, Shirts, Footwear, Turbans, and Shawls, this comprehensive guide explores how this online wedding shop seamlessly weaves together Pakistani culture and the art of dressing for a memorable wedding.

Shalwar Kameez: The Timeless Classic

The Shalwar Kameez is often the first dress that comes to mind when one thinks of Pakistani men's attire. Its versatility is unparalleled - be it a simple Mehndi function or the main Nikah ceremony. The designer men’s fashion Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas adorned with embroidery details evoke a sense of grandeur and festivity. The craftsmen at Arsalan Iqbal create dresses from fabrics like high-quality cotton and polyviscose to make stylish men's shalwar kameez suits as per the latest trends. Order cotton shalwar kameez from the latest collection of Arsalan Iqbal to feel the blend of comfort and elegance yourself.

Sherwani: The Royal Statement

The Sherwani, synonymous with royalty in appearance, is the quintessential wedding attire for many Pakistani grooms. A long, coat-like kurta that is adorned with intricate embroidery, beads, and even gemstones with a well-embellished look that exudes regality. Paired with a churidar or straight pants, the Sherwani is for grooms who wish to make a grand entrance. We use a spectrum of hues on fine fabrics like velvet and brocade to add a luxurious feel to the ensemble. Our finest collection presents traditional and modern sherwani to preserve the sophistication and elegance of Pakistani weddings. Click on the website to pick from the variety of options- from modest to something highly royal.

Waist Coats and Jackets: A Stylish Addition

Waistcoats or jackets are undoubtedly stylish additions to your well-fitted shalwar kameez. It gives a touch of sophistication to your already perfect ensemble. Adding a waistcoat to the wedding attire provides a subtle royal touch without an overdo. It is an economical styling option for weddings. Don’t be left behind to upgrade your closet with a plethora of styles and designs of different waistcoats Jamawar waistcoat for mehndi is also the best option for grooms to stay unique among others while staying simple and saving their extra-glamour for the wedding day. Each piece of the waistcoat is carefully selected, articulated, and stitched to perfection at Arsalan Iqbal so you can buy a waistcoat online easily.

Shawls: Wrapping in Warmth and Tradition

As the winter season is perfect for weddings in Pakistan, Shawls fulfill both functional and aesthetic purposes. Shawls also display our traditional style. The intricate patterns and designs on them, often feature paisleys, floral motifs, and geometric shapes. Pashmina, Velvet, and wool shawls are popular choices for weddings due to their softness and warmth. The shawl is not just an accessory but a symbol of tradition and heritage. It adds depth and texture to the overall wedding attire. Shawls are typically worn in traditional Pakistani colors such as white, black, green, and gold. Premium quality shawls for males like the dark Emerald green dyed yarn handwoven shawl which is inspired by ancient Persian marriage processions are the most liked product of customers at Arsalan Iqbal.

Turbans: The Elegant Classic with a Twist.

A turban is a type of headwear based on cloth winding. It is often worn by the groom with Sherwani to augment the style ensuring an unparalleled style experience. Its rich hues make it an excellent choice for weddings. Turban is generally made of fabrics like silk, cotton, or jacquard to add a luxurious touch. The intricate designs and embellishments like embroidery, sequins, and beads left no stone unturned to stand out in the crowd. Experience the charm of tradition with our turbans which are made of semi-pure silk fabrics and definitely tied to perfection


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