The Ultimate Guide to Kurta Collection for Men: Styles, Fabrics, and Colours

The Ultimate Guide to Kurta Collection for Men: Styles, Fabrics, and Colours

Western outfits might be getting popular in modern times but these attires can never compete with national dresses like kurta and designer Salwar Kameez for men in traditional get-togethers.  Kurtas are a cultural symbol for South Asia. They depict the cultural harmony between Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. They are the perfect representative of the once united culture of the mighty Sub-continent.  They depict our values, customs, traditions, and lifestyle. Hence wearing these kurtas at special traditional events like weddings, engagements, Eid festivities and national days makes these events even more memorable. They bring an additional touch of emotions, sensitivity, and affection to our outfits. These traditional wears depict the close knot that ties people of our country in a beautiful bond. These cultural items of clothing are trendy in the world of fashion as well. They can be styled in many ways to get a perfect look.

Rise in the Popularity of Kurtas

Kurtas are getting more and more famous with every passing day. They are now being recognized outside of South Asia. People from diverse cultures are taking a keen interest in this local attire of the Sub-continent. It has been featured in several Hollywood movies as well. These Kurtas have been worn by many international celebrities on different occasions. People all around the world seem to be familiar with our unique and stylish traditional dress.

Level up Your Fashion Style

This rise in popularity has enhanced its importance locally as well. This historical kurta has been given many unique forms and patterns by local designers. They can be found with embroidery and in various colours throughout the market. Kurtas with varying lengths are available at different brands. In short, a typical Pakistani market is overloaded with different styles of kurtas. This creates confusion in the minds of buyers. Buying a kurta can be a tricky task. From colour to fabric and design everything has to be perfect. After all, everyone wishes to look their best at special gatherings. Hence to master a traditional look one has to be more thorough while buying their attire. Here is a guide that may help you pick a kurta from the vast collection of Arsalan Iqbal, that is just made for your body. Give it a read before buying an online kurta for men.

1. Kurta Styling as Per the Occasion

Various kurta styles are available for both formal and casual settings. If you wish to wear a kurta at a wedding or engagement ceremony, its design, and style would be different from an ordinary one.  For such special occasions, a silk or velvet kurta embellished delicately with embroidery would be a good pick for men. These kurtas can be adorned with a traditional dhoti or churidar pyjama. On the other hand, for casual hangouts with friends, a cotton kurta paired with jeans can be the right choice to get a laid-back and comfortable vibe.

2. Choose Fabric Wisely

Selecting the right fabric for your kurta is another task that needs thorough attention. Fabrics like silk, velvet and khadi can be heavy and hard to carry hence they should be worn at festivities. Whereas cotton can be the appropriate material for casual wear kurtas. Moreover, the weather should also be considered while shopping for a kurta.

3. Read Measurements Carefully

Both Eastern and Western clothing suit an individual if they are a perfect fit for his body. Too loose or too tight dresses are not just uncomfortable but a big turn-off as well. Kurta too, like all other attires needs to have a perfect fitting. So before buying a ready-to-wear kurta, measure your waist, shoulder, chest and neck. Pick a kurta from the large collection of Arslan Iqbal that fulfils all your demands perfectly. Do not rush through the process of ordering a kurta. Give it time and buy the best outfit for yourself.

4. Play with the Colours

The best part of traditional wear is its availability in vibrant colours. Designer kurtas come in different shades and prints. People wishing to buy a branded kurta can play with colours. These kurtas can represent an individual’s personality as well. Different colours symbolize a range of emotions and feelings. The varying shades of these traditional dresses allow a person to express himself more prominently. A black kurta for men provides a professional and elegant appearance for its wearer whereas vibrant-coloured kurtas speak for an energized individual. So buy the perfect colour as per your personality.

5. Do not Forget to Add Accessories

Accessories garnish an outfit. They are a must for both ethnic and modern garments. Kurtas too need the right accessories to help you master a traditional dress-up. A waistcoat and a pocket square can be a good addition to make your kurta look more classic. A turban can further enrich your get-up for a wedding. Men are often found wrapping a shawl around to spice things up.

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