Which Color Kurta Pajama Will Be Trending In 2024?

As the new year dawns on us, the need for a wardrobe revamp becomes evident. Whether you wish to buy more trendy Western outfits or seek to invest in high-quality Gents Kurta Pajama, it is essential to understand the colors that will help you the most in the new year. This article is an in-depth guide on the different colors that are taking the main stage in 2024, and how these Kurta Pajamas can elevate your outfit.

How Does Color Matter In Kurta Pajama?

When it comes to outfits, color theory plays an essential role. Depending on the occasion, personal preference, formality, and timing of the event, people can opt for different colors. For formal evening events, darker colors are more suited. On the opposing side, light-colored outfits go well with non-formal and daytime events. Different colors are capable of showing different emotions and can vibe with different occasions. And as seasons, trends change, people opt for different colors to showcase their spirit. That is why it is essential to choose the color of your outfit extremely carefully.

Which Color Kurta Pajama Should I Buy For 2024?

In the new year, a different set of colors is bound to rise in popularity, and these colors are:

Black And White

One of the most classic choices for Kurta Pajama has to be black and white. Having these two colors in your wardrobe is foolproof; you can dress perfectly for every occasion. Black Kurta Pajama and White Kurta Pajama are a great canvas and can be paired with a shawl, jacket, or any other accessories to complete the look.


Rather unique in color, the Mustard Kurta Pajama is an exceptional choice for informal events. With its sleek and shiny outer sheen, having a mustard kurta pajama look in your wardrobe is rather wise. It is a color that speaks of old legacy and has been gaining popularity for its addition to easter wedding events. 


Lavender is a considerably new addition to Gents' Kurta Pajama, and Arsalan Iqbal has curated the perfect lavender Kurta Pajama for all men. It is commonly used for women's outfits, but 2024 is the year of breaking all boundaries and embracing pastels. 

Olive Green

This earthy color is a great option for both formal and informal events. It is a really pretty color, and an olive green Kurta Pajama can be worn with a waistcoat to complete the look. It is gaining popularity for its aesthetics and its calm approach. 

Silver Gray

A rather unused yet popular color for 2024 has to be silver gray. It is a shiny, and mirrory color, with great potential. Arsalan Iqbal has carefully curated silver gray Gents Kurta Pajama, that can be worn on all family/cultural gatherings. Elevate the wedding joy with adding a silver gray Kurta Pajama into your wardrobe. 


Coral is a color commonly considered to be feminine and unmasculine. However, Arsalan Iqbal has created the perfect Gents Kurta Pajama in coral shades to match the grace of summer events. It is truly a unique and enthusiastic color.

Elevate Your Outfits of 2024

With the coming of the new year, people have been opting for new, unique colored Kurta Pajamas to add into their wardrobe, and enjoy the beauty of 2024. From classic colors like black to unique mustard and lavender tones, Arsalan Iqbal proudly presents a wide collection of Gents Kurta Pajama that are capable of elevating every look. 

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