A Guide to a Groom's Wedding Attire

A Guide to a Groom's Wedding Attire

In contemporary times people wish to look their best. From ordinary work days to important events, they wish to look unique and attractive. Weddings in particular are the most hyped occasion in the life of a Pakistani. Both men and women try to improve their appearance and look elegant and sophisticated. Men too have started taking a keen interest in the way they look. They keep on looking for new ideas to improve their dressing sense. At  Arsalan Iqbal, we can offer our customers a wide range of traditional clothing options that can make their appearance. 

Weddings in Pakistan

In Pakistan, weddings are of great importance. Friends and cousins of grooms and brides start planning the event many days before the big day. From the dance moves to attire everything is decided beforehand by them. These weddings are incomplete without colorful and glamorous garments like a wedding waistcoat In short, everyone wants to look their best at weddings. If you are one of those people who is looking to buy something attractive this wedding season, visit Arsalan Iqbal now to have access to a large collection of clothes. 

Range of Garments Worn at Weddings

Below is the list of items that are available at the best rates and in premium quality at Arsalan Iqbal. You can style yourself in these clothes and be the best-dressed person in the wedding hall.

Salwar kameez 

Our traditional designer salwar kameez men are the best pick for your wardrobe. These embroidered salwar kameez can make you look highly elegant and graceful. You can wear a sophisticated color of salwar kameez to the reception of your friend. By wearing Arsalan Iqbal, you can simply catch the attention of anyone in the room. From a simple plain white kameez salwar to an embroidered heavy two-piece suit, buy the salwar kameez that suits your taste well. 

Kurta pajama 

Another item that can be a good pick for weddings is our well-manufactured and highly fashionable kurta pajama for men. These dresses are one of its types. They can be worn on a large number of occasions. From casual gatherings to fancy weddings, we have a specialized kurta for each occasion. We can supply you with a good number of wedding kurta for men as well. They come in a range of colors and are embroidered in a variety of different patterns. This elegant kurta can cover you perfectly for your friend's mehndi event. Buy our best-quality tailored kurtas and stop worrying about the upcoming wedding season.


Lastly, we have the stylish, royal, and luxurious sherwanis designed specially for baraat events. These sherwanis are reminiscent of our glorious Mughal empire. Such lush dresses can be a good addition to your wardrobe. By wearing such classy sherwanis you can make yourself appear highly glamorous. At Arsalan Iqbal, you can find a large collection of sherwani. We have both fancy traditional and simple elegant sherwani as well. Buy the one that goes well with you and make the coming wedding a memorable event for yourself. 

A Wide Collection Of Accessories For Grooms

By adorning your garments with some accessories and details you can be a perfectly dressed person. Some of the options may be:


A large collection of shawls available at Arsalan Iqbal can allow you to wrap yourself in elegance and poshness. Our high-quality posh shawls for grooms can be a good choice for weddings. Visit our website now to shop from our collection. 


An extensive variety of sleek and modern waistcoats are available at our shop. They are reminiscent of the traditional Pakistani style and incorporate a modern sleek look. Our detailed and colorful waistcoats are full of color and life, with extremely professional stitching, giving our groom a royal feel. The exclusive waistcoats are available in cloth varieties like silk, embroidery, jamawar, brocade, and every other cloth you can imagine.

Variety Of Our Products

With the Eastern clothing style, we have been able to create an extensive clothing line with kurta pajamas for men, and all other wedding attire one can imagine. The color, size, and designs of our products are customizable almost for all products according to the choice of the customer. The quality of our products is a result of a meticulous selection of fabrics, and designs, and is hand-picked by us with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Final Words

In the ever-progressing world, our traditional men aspire to look their best on their wedding day. Understanding this sentiment, we at Arsalan Iqbal have built a legacy to provide them with the best treatment and to ensure our customer's satisfaction. Each of our products is created with utmost precision and designed to contribute to the joyous moment of one's wedding.

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