Fashion Forward Formal Shirts Styling Guide For Men

Fashion Forward Formal Shirts Styling Guide For Men

Fashion Forward Formal Shirts Styling Guide For Men

A man is usually under the scrutiny of his peers and colleagues, his friends and relatives at all times. How you portray yourself through your personality, demeanor, and dressing sense is of great import in the corporate world. Well, you are the master of your own personality and conduct, but at Arsalan Iqbal, we can help you with how to look crisp and sharp in what you wear. Formal shirts are an essential part of men’s lives because they spend most of their time in the corporate world, well if not most, then indeed it is from 9 to 5, five days a week (or six)!

How to Choose Formal Shirts?

Arsalan Iqbal has put together a style guide for formal shirts, which can help you in how to choose formal shirts for work, formal gatherings etc. An impeccably designed and stitched shirt is essential for the formal appearance. We are here to help you decide what features are a must when it comes to choosing a perfect formal shirt for yourself. 

Let’s start with the tiniest detail that offsets the whole look of a formal or dress shirt. The buttons are the most prominent feature of the shirt, which may be given the least attention when one buys the shirt. They should be following the tone of your shirt. What comes next is the collar, which is one of the most central parts of a dress shirt that makes the shirt stand out. You may have the option of going for a shirt with a plain, striped collar or with a printed inlay, which gives the whole shirt a noticeable impression. 

The cuff closures in a formal shirt are of two types. It can either be with a buttoned closure cuff or the one that closes with the help of a cufflink with or without inlays. Cufflinks are an accessory that gives your shirt an elegant feel. The plackets with inlays are a notable feature too. Last but not least, the pockets found in many shirts are not an integral part of formal/dress shirts. They may be a must at work, but when you are out for formal meetings or events, or any formal festivities, the pockets are usually omitted by the designers. 

Where to Buy Formal Shirts?

As you now know how to choose a formal shirtwhat arises in your mind next is where to buy formal shirts from? You may not get quality shirts with all the above features anywhere and everywhere. Arsalan Iqbal is the right place where you can get perfect and flawless shirts with ideal stitching and designs in all hues and styles. It should always be your ‘go-to place’ whenever you require a shirt that makes you look dressier, suave and recognized. 

With rigid work schedules and other commitments, you may not get time to step in through the stores to do your shopping. Thus we have an option for you to buy formal shirts online from Arsalan Iqbal’s website, which is a place you can blindly trust. You will get premium quality shirts as promised without worrying about any online scams. All the information about the shirt you may choose from sizes available, a size guide and shipping details have been provided to help ease through your online shopping experience. 

So keep your worries at bay and shop for your favorite formal shirt for any occasion, maintaining the features of a formal shirt in mind at as trustworthy a place as Arsalan Iqbal. You will be thoroughly satisfied with your shopping experience physically or virtually through our website. 

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