Fashion Tips For The Valima Bridegrooms

If you are planning to tie the knot this year, then you are in need of a guide that can help you out with your Valima look. A bridegroom is the other half of the duo who should stand out amongst everyone because it’s his day.

The first question that may arise in your mind is how should you go about with what to wear in your Valima. It’s the time where you present to the world that you have made someone yours for life, a partner who will be there with you in good and bad, thick and thin! Arsalan Iqbal is the men designer Pakistan who’s here at your service to guide you throughout your decision-making regarding what you should wear on your Valima day.

If you want to alleviate your appearance then Arsalan Iqbal, the Pakistan Men Fashion guru, suggests to you that you should go for a three-piece suit that looks decent, urbane, and suave especially in winters. When it comes to the color scheme of your suit, go for a shade that’s dark.

Darker tones go well in the winter season and look pleasing to the eye. The second thing that you should keep in consideration is to color coordinate with your better half. The theme of both your and your wife’s dress can match or it can be a contrast.

But clashing with the bride’s dress is a big NO! When we talk about choosing a hue that matches your bride’s dress, what you can do is select a shirt of lighter shade (similar to the bride’s dress) that compliments your dark suit. The tie to be worn must be distinctive in a slightly bolder tone that goes well with your shirt and suit. 

If your valima ceremony is more elegant, then add a little prestige to your dressing and go for a tuxedo. The tux will add that oomph factor to the valima that you have planned. Now usually men get confused in deciding between a tux and a suit because they seem similar if not the same.

A tux has lapels that are faced in silk or satin whereas the lapels of the suit are made with that same material the jacket is made of. Bow ties look great with your tuxedo or a simple tie can be paired with a suit. Last but not least the shirt that goes with a tux should be a solid white or solid shade whereas a little bit of texture or self-print will increase the grace if you are wearing a suit.

Arsalan Iqbal has a wide range of clothes design men for you to pick from. We have something that suits every man and looks great with their personality. 

The little extra detailing here and there will make you look fetching. Just add in a pair of gleaming cufflinks, or a set of studs as decorative fasteners in buttonholes to button up your shirt and give it a more formal look.

Arsalan Iqbal, an expert in clothes design men assures all the bridegrooms that when you leave our outlet you will be dressed in a style that you are totally comfy yet make you look classy and sophisticated. So just hop on board and leave the rest on the Pakistani Dress Men outlet, Arsalan Iqbal. No worries you are in great hands.

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