Shalwar Kameez vs. Western Clothing: Which One should be your choice?

Shalwar Kameez vs. Western Clothing: Which One should be your choice?

Impacts of Globalizations

Can you imagine there were times when people living in one part of a country were not aware of the ongoing trends in the other part of the same country, let alone importing stuff from a different region of the world? In contemporary times even an idea of such a situation seems weird as now we are not just familiar with international trends but can also adapt to them without facing any barriers. 

It wasn't long ago that the world was exactly the opposite of what we are witnessing currently. The mediums of communication were so traditional that by the time news would reach from one city to another it would no longer be new. But with the advent of modern technologies in the past few decades, a whole new dimension of communication and interaction has become possible. With the application of technology, the world has turned into a global village. People in the East are now well aware of all the trendy topics of the West. 

On one hand, it seems to have a large number of benefits ranging from quick interactions and access to both information and entertainment but at the same time, it appears to have some repercussions as well. It is said that globalization is leading towards the downfall of individual cultures. Minor cultures are getting blurred while competing with the dominant forces. Cultures hardly have an identity of their own. 

Evaluating Dress Choices 

The culture of more popular countries is getting widespread. Media consumption has worsened the situation. Countries with a strong media presence are controlling the lives of people from the rest of the world. The impact of this dominance can be seen in many forms including the choices of dresses of the younger lot. Though the concept of globalization is impacting all age groups yet teenagers and young adults have been strongly influenced by the bombardment of foreign cultures. The proof of this influence is found in the everyday lifestyles of youth.

The younger lot these days prefer jeans and T-shirts over our traditional Shalwar Kameez. They find traditional clothing hard to carry. Western outfits are preferred because kids these days think of them as more comfortable dresses. Researchers have also observed that there are reasons other than comfort that have forced youth into wearing modern Western dresses. One of the reasons kids are more inclined towards Western wear is peer pressure. They do not want to end up an outsider because of their choice of clothing. Hence they mold themselves and wear more trendy and talked-about outfits. 

Impact of Western Clothing

Though it's not just cultural domination that is making western branded garments more popular. If truth be told they do possess some qualities which give them an upper hand on designer men's shalwar kameez that are available at men’s clothing stores. Western clothes can be a suitable choice as they are more trendy. Western dresses are also popular because of their sophistication and elegance. They appear to be the preferred choices for more professional occasions. Most businesses want their employees to follow Western dress codes to appear more distinguished. Moreover, western clothes are easy to carry. The movement in these can be very convenient. Hence they suit best for the work environment.

Importance Of Eastern Wear:

Eastern clothing on the other hand is more unique and beautiful. Designs, embroidery, colours and style make men's Shalwar Kameez by designers, increasingly vibrant and attractive. They are a good representation of our Eastern culture. They can be the right choice for desi festivals and special occasions. There is a wide variety of options in Eastern clothing. Local Designer shalwar kameez for men can be altered into a range of styles. Weddings are incomplete without conventional kurtas and Sherwani. Even after the strong impact of westernization people still prefer these local dresses to celebrate their special moments, like weddings, engagements and birthdays. 

What Should Be Your Choice?

There would always be people complaining about your choice of dress. Whatever mode of styling you go with is going to attract and repel people equally. What matters is to pick something that comforts you the most. If you feel extra confident and relaxed in your local attire, then do not let people’s comments make you feel embarrassed about it. 

The choice of dresses can neither impact the success of your professional life nor can it be a criterion to judge your spirit of nationalism. 

Western lifestyle indeed commands the fashion industry of the entire world, yet it can never conquer the traditions as a whole. Even if people switch to Western ideas of lifestyle still it will never be enough to eradicate a culture. Cultures are parts of individuals rooted deep into their views and ideologies and thus can not be merely confined to physical attires. 

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