What Are The Trendy Colors For Sherwani?

Sherwani is an ethnic outfit close to the hearts of most South Asian people. Be it a dark maroon sherwani or a black velvet sherwani, it is chosen by all of the grooms. This is because of the elegance and charisma of a Sherwani. Arsalan Iqbal takes pride in this charisma and has introduced a dedicated line of Sherwani with a large variety of colors and designs. Be it in traditional or modern aesthetics, Sherwanis are an essential part of every wedding. This article is an in-depth guide into the different trendy colors of Sherwani, and how they can portray a different set of emotions. 

Why Does Color Matter?

When it comes to dressing up a few features like color, size, style, and fitting are considered. But the most important factor is the color of the outfit. Darker colors are good for a sophisticated look whilst bright and light colors portray a more lighthearted and comfortable ambiance. Different colors have different emotions, and they can help showcase a completely different dress code. That is why it is essential to consider the color of outfits before choosing them. 

What Are The Trendy Colors For Sherwani?

When it comes to wedding outfits, sherwani are on a completely different level and are extremely appreciated. The trendy colors of Sherwani are:

Black Sherwani

One of the most classic Sherwani colors is black. When the dark elegance and charm of black, paired with silver thread embroidery or a dark maroon shawl, is an elevated outfit. Pair your Black Velvet Sherwani with a silver khussa with long pointy fronts to have a majestic look in your ensemble. 

White Sherwani

A common sherwani color for nikah or reception events is white sherwani with gold embroidery. This can be paired with a golden shawl and is a lighthearted outfit that can showcase elegance very clearly. It can be paired with golden accessories like a golden chain, turban chain, or khussas to have a regal outfit. 

Modern Green/Yellow Sherwani

Modern Green and Yellow Sherwani that are shorter than traditional sherwanis and are the perfect option for all mehndi events. It is a modern approach to the otherwise highly formal sherwani and can be reused in different events. It can be paired with boot shoes and a long, colorful chain of beads to elevate the mehandi vibes. 

Dark Maroon Sherwani

Opting for a dark maroon sherwani, as a way to match with your bride is a rather unique approach. Opt for an embroidered sherwani, and pair it with a golden turban, to create a completely elevated and elegant outfit. Pair your maroon sherwani with black khussas or shiny shoes to add a regal element in your outfit. 

Navy Blue

Another classic color for Sherwani is navy blue. When paired with red or black, navy blue sherwani is an extremely charming outfit option that can be worn on barat events. Opt for a navy blue sherwani and pair it with a golden colored long chain, to create a totally charming outfit. Navy blue looks extremely royal when paired with red or black kheri or khussas. 

As individuals try to find the best Sherwani color to match all their wedding needs, Arsalan Iqbal provides highly elegant and sophisticated Sherwani colelction that can be worn on all wedding events. From light colored sherwani for nikkah and reception events, bright colored sherwani for mayoon and mehandi events, to dark colored sherwani for barat events, there is something available for everyone. Invest in Arsalan Iqbal for your next wedding event, and invest in the longevity of regal and royal outfits for life. 

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