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Champagne Gold Brocade Short Sherwani by Arsalan Iqbal

Champagne Gold Brocade Short Sherwani by Arsalan Iqbal

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Introducing the "Champagne Gold Brocade Short Sherwani" by the renowned Arsalan Iqbal, a fine representation of both modern refinement and enduring magnificence. The fashion-forward and discerning gentlemen will find a harmonious blend of style and tradition in this masterpiece.

Woven with impeccable precision, the sherwani is a tribute to artisanal craftsmanship and design. The rich champagne gold brocade fabric tells tales of opulence, while the intricate weaving resonates with depth and sophistication. Its absence of ostentatious embellishments champions a polished and clean look, speaking volumes of understated luxury. This piece is tailored, keeping in mind those who have an eye for minimalist yet grandeur-filled aesthetics.

Whether gracing a wedding aisle or making an entrance at a grand reception, this sherwani promises a regal presence. Its elegance and contemporaneity ensure that you don't just attend an event; you become the cynosure.

Includes Sherwani, Inner Kurta & Trousers (Your choice color), Handmade embroidered footwear (Khussas). Complete customization options are available with a wide variety of fabrics.