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Deep Sea Green Velvet Form Fitted Sherwani

Deep Sea Green Velvet Form Fitted Sherwani

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Dive into the depths of sartorial splendor with our Deep Sea Green Velvet Form Fitted Sherwani formen. The lush velvet material, reflecting the mesmerizing hues of deep sea waters, wraps around the wearer in a cocoon of luxury. Adorned with intricate zardozi embroidery on the collar, front, and sleeves, every detail of this masterpiece speaks of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design.

Legends whisper of a seafaring Maharaja who, on his voyages, was so taken with the deep green expanse of the ocean that he commissioned a sherwani formen in its likeness. Our sherwani, reminiscent of that legend, carries the mystique of the vast seas and the allure of treasures hidden beneath its waves.

The profound shade of this sherwani formen and its intricate details make it a quintessential attire for evening receptions. Especially when paired with gold or pearl accessories, it stands out during autumn and winter ceremonies, when the deep colors mirror the serenity of the season. Whether it's a grand reception or an elite gathering, stepping out in this ensemble ensures that all eyes are on you.