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Mellow Peach & Coffee Fusion Cotton Kurta

Mellow Peach & Coffee Fusion Cotton Kurta

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Introducing the Mellow Peach & Coffee Fusion Cotton Kurta from Arsalan Iqbal, a sophisticated blend of warmth and contemporary style. Crafted with precision, this kurta combines the delicate hues of peach with deep coffee undertones, encapsulating both tradition and modern-day elegance.

This kurta boasts 100% pure cotton, ensuring unmatched comfort and breathability. The meticulous blend of peach and coffee colors not only offers a distinctive visual appeal but also gives the fabric a soft, inviting touch. The contrasting hues are skillfully interwoven, creating a design that is both timeless and trendy.

 In the bustling markets of Lahore, a seasoned craftsman once spilled his morning coffee over a roll of peach fabric. Instead of discarding it, he saw inspiration. This kurta embodies that serendipitous blend - where the warmth of a coffee mug meets the first light of dawn, capturing the essence of unexpected beauty.

The Mellow Peach & Coffee Fusion Cotton Kurta is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, apt for both daytime and evening events. Whether it's an intimate family gathering, a traditional ceremony, or an evening out with friends, this kurta ensures you radiate understated elegance. Pair it with a coffee-colored shalwar or beige pajama pants for a complete look.