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Lilac Blue Cotton Kurta

Lilac Blue Cotton Kurta

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Discover the serene elegance with Arsalan Iqbal's Lilac Blue Cotton Kurta. A garment that gracefully treads the line between tradition and contemporary fashion. The soothing lilac blue hue, reminiscent of twilight skies, is enhanced by the breathable comfort of pure cotton, ensuring a blend of style and comfort that stands apart.

Inspired by the tranquil scenes of twilight over the Indus River, our designers embarked on a journey to capture that fleeting moment of dusk in a garment. The Lilac Blue Cotton Kurta represents that very moment, a symbol of peace, calm, and a bridge between day and night.

ailored for festive gatherings, cultural events, or religious occasions, this kurta is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Its color and comfort make it an ideal choice for evening summer events, reflecting sophistication whilst keeping the wearer cool.

 100% cotton. Limited edition.