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Velvet-Detailed Maroon Soft Cotton Shalwar Kameez

Velvet-Detailed Maroon Soft Cotton Shalwar Kameez

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Dive into a world of luxury and comfort with Arsalan Iqbal's Maroon Soft Cotton Shalwar Kameez, enhanced with plush velvet details. The rich maroon of the soft cotton fabric embodies a sense of regality and sophistication, while the velvet detailing adds an opulent touch, making the ensemble a true masterpiece.

Inspired by the majestic courts of the Mughal Empire, Arsalan Iqbal designed this piece to evoke the elegance and grandeur of the royals. The velvet, reminiscent of the opulent attire of Mughal emperors, intertwines with the soft cotton, mirroring the blend of luxury and comfort that was sought after in those times.

 This maroon ensemble, highlighted by its luxurious velvet details, is perfect for evening soirees or festive occasions like Diwali celebrations or Mehndi ceremonies during weddings. Its deep color and plush detailing make it a standout choice for events held during cooler seasons, ensuring you not only look the part but also feel cozy and comfortable.