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Elegant Black Cotton Kurta for Men

Elegant Black Cotton Kurta for Men

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Dive into the realm of timeless fashion with Arsalan Iqbal's elegant black cotton kurta. Crafted meticulously with 100% pure cotton, this kurta combines the profound depth of black with the unparalleled comfort of natural fabric, making it a staple for every discerning wardrobe.

Drawing inspiration from the mystical nights of Lahore, where tales of ancient poets and whispering winds intermingle, this black kurta embodies the enigma of a moonless night. Each thread captures the essence of stories untold, legends unseen, and a love for craftsmanship rooted deep in the Indian and Pakistani heritage.

The universal appeal of black makes this kurta a versatile choice. It's ideal for evening gatherings, formal events, or intimate dinner parties. Given the fabric's breathability, it can be gracefully donned during the warmer evenings of summer or the cool ambiance of winter.

Handwoven pure 100% cotton. Limited edition.