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White with Blue Red Vertical Pinstripes Formal Shirt

White with Blue Red Vertical Pinstripes Formal Shirt

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Presenting the White with Blue and Red Vertical Pinstripes Formal Shirt by Arsalan Iqbal - the ultimate expression of quality, style, and sophistication. The shirt is crafted from 100% high staple cotton, renowned for its comfortable and luxurious feel. The unique pattern of blue and red vertical pinstripes makes this shirt stand out in any formal setting.

Key details include a single cuff, custom luxury buttons, and a premium collar, all of which contribute to the shirt's elegance. Crafted with fine stitching and artisanal attention to detail, the shirt guarantees durability, promising it won't tear even in the most demanding situations. Upgrade your wardrobe and pair this exquisite shirt with your favorite suit or tailored pants to exude confidence and style.