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Baby Pink Rawsilk Waistcoat with Persian Art Embroidery

Baby Pink Rawsilk Waistcoat with Persian Art Embroidery

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Immerse yourself in the world of refined eastern fashion with our Baby Pink Rawsilk Waistcoat. Crafted from premium rawsilk, this waistcoat showcases a delicate baby pink hue, accented with pink embellishments that radiate charm and elegance. This piece stands out with its intricate embroidery, inspired by the ethereal beauty of Persian art, making it a timeless classic in your wardrobe.

The story of this waistcoat revolves around the fusion of diverse cultures and artistic expressions. Designed meticulously by Arsalan Iqbal, this garment represents the beauty and finesse of Persian art, intertwined with the rich traditions of Indian and Pakistani craftsmanship. Each embroidery stitch is a tribute to the ancient Persian art, translating it into a modern wearable masterpiece.

The Baby Pink Rawsilk Waistcoat is the perfect garment for various special occasions. Its elegant baby pink hue and the delicate embroidery make it an ideal choice for spring weddings or daytime events, where its charm can truly shine. Whether you're attending a nikah ceremony or a festive celebration, this waistcoat will ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Can be customized in all colors and sizes. 34,500/- waistcoat only

Waistcoat+Kurta/Pyjama: 39,500/-