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Lilac Teal Blue Handwoven Kurta

Lilac Teal Blue Handwoven Kurta

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Introducing Arsalan Iqbal's masterpiece: the Lilac Teal Blue Handwoven Kurta. A harmony of tradition and contemporary style, this kurta boasts of a rich blend of lilac and teal blue. The handwoven craftsmanship reflects the intricate weaving techniques passed down through generations, making this kurta an epitome of eastern elegance and attention to detail.

The inspiration for this kurta can be traced back to a sunlit afternoon in old Lahore. Arsalan, during one of his travels, chanced upon an artisan weaving a blend of lilac and teal into a traditional tapestry. The serene beauty of the intertwined colors reminded him of the surreal dusk skies over the subcontinent, prompting the creation of this stunning piece. This kurta is not just a garment but a narrative of that fateful meeting and the old-world charm of the Indian-Pakistani heartland.

Given its serene lilac and teal blue hues, this kurta is the perfect attire for daytime events like mehndi functions or spring weddings. Moreover, these colors resonate with the vibrancy of festivals such as Holi or Eid celebrations. The light and breathable handwoven cotton makes it apt for the warmer seasons, ensuring you stand out effortlessly while being comfortable.