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White Iron EZ Viscose/Polyblend Waistcoat Set.

White Iron EZ Viscose/Polyblend Waistcoat Set.

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Unveil the epitome of classic elegance with the White Iron EZ Viscose/Polyblend Waistcoat by Arsalan Iqbal. This set, featuring the signature style waistcoat, IronEZ Kurta, and Pant style pyjama, showcases a timeless aesthetic that's perfect for any special occasion. Whether it's Eid or your wedding day, this ensemble adds a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

The White Iron EZ Waistcoat set carries the essence of Arsalan Iqbal's signature style, a blend of tradition and modernity that defines his designs. Inspired by the serene white hues of an early morning in Karachi, Arsalan Iqbal sought to capture the freshness and purity of dawn in this ensemble. The result is an attire that embodies peace and elegance, just like a tranquil morning.

The White Iron EZ Viscose/Polyblend Waistcoat Set is a versatile attire that's perfect for sunny daytime events or cooler evening gatherings. Its white color echoes the joy and purity associated with festivities like Eid or a summer wedding. Paired with the right accessories, this ensemble can transform your look to match any occasion, all year round.

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