6 Traditional Dressing Items Available For Men in Pakistan

6 Traditional Dressing Items Available For Men in Pakistan

Weddings and cultural gatherings demand people to dress up traditionally. We are well aware of the fact that in these times people often prefer Western dresses over national outfits. This preference can only be suitable in a professional environment. When it comes to the events that we share with our loved ones including our friends and family members, cultural dresses are our number one choice. These outfits represent our customs, culture, tradition, and love for one another in the most beautiful manner. Our traditional costumes have a rich history. Embroidery and prints of local dresses portray a deep meaning for the wearer. They add a personal touch to our wardrobe. Traditional dressing can make a person look appropriate for the event he is attending. There is a large number of traditional items available that can be worn on different occasions as per the need. Here is the list of traditional clothing pieces that you must have in your wardrobe to be perfectly ready for a wedding in Pakistan:

Salwar Kameez 

Shalwar Kameez is the most popular traditional dress in Pakistan. They are not only considered a preferred choice for desi events like mehndi and baraat but are worn by men in their everyday settings. Salwar Kameez is a versatile clothing option that can go well for both formal and informal events. The demand for this traditional dress is increasing with time thus brands come up with luxurious prints and styles of Shalwar Kameez with posh embroidery. The designers' Shalwar Kameez for men is getting more and more popular not only in South Asia but in the rest of the world as well.

Kurta Pajama

    Kurta pajama is another traditional dress of South Asian culture that has witnessed immense popularity across the globe. People from all over the world order kurtas from Pakistan. A large number of famous international celebrities have been found wearing this beautiful attire. Kurtas have a rich history dating back to the Mughals. This highly popular apparel comes in varying prints and designs in the market. At Arsalan Iqbal, we have produced a large kurta collection for our valuable customers. Buy the best-manufactured kurtas at the most reasonable prices now to magnify your wardrobe.


        Shawls are another item that is getting rapidly popular in Eastern culture. Shawls have been paired with Kameez Shalwar, kurtas, and even sherwanis and are worn by a large number of men at their weddings. From highly luxurious and posh velvet shawl  to graceful and lavish silk shawl  are trending in the world of men’s fashion. Buy these immensely popular shawls to style yourself up so that you can look highly attractive and charming. They are available at the best rates from Arsalan Iqbal.


          Whenever a men’s wedding is mentioned, sherwani is the first thing that comes into people’s minds. These are the most frequently worn wedding attire for men all across South Asia. Sherwani comes in both casual and formal wear. Thus they can be worn in both settings. Highly embroidered and embellished sherwanis are reserved for the most special day of men’s life i.e. their wedding. On the other hand, easy-to-carry sherwanis are worn at events like Eid festivals and family dinners. Some grooms match their costume’s color with the dress of their wives while others prefer bright color sherwani. A lot of people admire fancy off-white wedding sherwani and get it customized for themselves. 


            Waistcoats are another item of desi clothing that has been part of the culture for a very long time. Waistcoat over kurta pajamas for men is getting immensely popular among the masses.  Waistcoats come in a variety of colors and designs. These highly stylish waistcoats are often worn in cold weather by men to feel warm and cozy. Waistcoats depict the sophistication and grace of a man in the best manner. At Arsalan Iqbal, we have a wide variety of waistcoats for weddings. From highly elegant white waistcoats  to printed coats for weddings are available at the best prices. Buy them now.


              Lastly, for footwear traditional Khusas are always trending. These attractive Khusas are designed and crafted with great effort and hard work. They were manufactured using fancy and posh gems like rubies and other precious jewels in the Mughal era and were worn and flaunted by the royals. Thus these traditional Khusas have a rich history associated with them. They can be worn at weddings and styled with kurtas and sherwanis. A range of Khusas is available in the market that can be bought to pair up with your traditional dresses.  

              Now that you have found all the necessary items that should be added to your cupboard buy them now at the discounted price from Arsalan Iqbal and complete your traditional wardrobe.

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