Everything You Need to Know About Kurta

Everything You Need to Know About Kurta

Traditional dresses are very popular in Pakistan. Men in Pakistan love to flaunt their national dress. From men's fashion Shalwar Kameez to waistcoats and historically rich sherwanis, they are always trending in one form or another. Kurta is also one of the well-known traditional outfits of current times. It is famous not only around Pakistan but is also well-recognized in the rest of the world as well. If you are a person who wishes to buy aesthetically attractive kurta designs, here is the guide that might help you to buy the best design and print of kurta

Types of Kurta

A large number of kurta types are present in a typical Pakistani market. From well crafted medium length casual kurtas to richly embroidered posh kurtas, there are different types of kurtas that you can buy from

Printed kurta

 printed kurta  with varying colors and designs is getting popular with time. These kurtas can be worn on different occasions like weddings. Traditional kurtas are often embroidered and developed using posh fabric for people who are looking for options to wear at lavish events. The stylish and embroidered kurta for men is available at Arsalan Iqbal at the best prices. Our well-designed kurtas come in different sizes to meet the needs of all our customers. 

Striped kurta

People usually wear kurtas for desi events but should kurtas only be styled for special events? The answer is no. There are casual designs of kurtas available in the market that can be worn on many other occasions as well. The striped formal kurtas developed by our hardworking employers can be worn at work or important meetings. 

Short kurta

Highly trending short kurtas are trending in contemporary fashion. A stylish short kurta makes a person look highly attractive for casual events. You can wear these fashionable kurtas for hanging out with your friends. Style them up with jeans or trousers to look the best-dressed person. At Arsalan Iqbal, we bring all types of kurtas for our respectable customers. Buy them now to elevate the style of your wardrobe.  

Pathani kurta

Pathani kurtas are well-designed special kurta options that can be worn at traditional events. These kurtas are manufactured with great effort and can be a unique addition to your wardrobe. These amazing styles of kurtas allow you to look highly attractive while not letting you make a compromise on your comfort. 

Ways to Style Kurta 

This highly versatile dressing attire can be styled in various ways. Their unique design allows them to work perfectly with several items. Some of the options to pair a kurta with are listed below

1. Waist-coat

A waistcoat goes well with a traditional kurta. By styling a Pakistani wedding waistcoat with a kurta you can create an amazing look for yourself. Embroidered kurtas with waistcoats are a good dressing option for people looking for unique and attention-grabbing clothing options for themselves.  

2. Shawls

Posh and lavish kurtas can also be paired with a  well-embroidered shawl for weddings. This combination is an excellent choice in desi settings. Shawls are adored by men who wish to portray a graceful image of themselves. At Arsalan Iqbal, you can find a large collection of shawls. 

3. Pajama

Kurta can be worn with a pajama for casual occasions. This pairing can never go wrong. Kurta pajamas for men have been in fashion for a long time. This stylish trend has been part of men’s clothing since ancient India and is still adored by a large number of people in South Asia. It represents our history beautifully. 

4. Jeans

To give this traditional outfit a contemporary turn it can be adorned with jeans. This pairing allows people to try new styling options and thus makes them look unique and attention-grabbing. Buy the best Kurtas from Arsalan Iqbal and wear them in various ways. 

5. Dhoti

If you are a fan of traditional and customary clothes and like to be more vintage in your clothing choices, then you might want to give it a try to wear Dhoti with a kurta. Dhoti might not be quite popular in current times but can be an excellent option for bottom wear with a kurta. Dhoti allows your kurta to look different yet stylish.

Tips to Maintain Kurta

Keep following maintenance tips in mind, once you buy a kurta

  1.   Try to wash your kurta by hand so their quality will not be spoiled. 
  2.   Do not use bleach or any other chemical that might damage the fabric of the kurta
  3.   Store your kurta properly; iron it and hang it in your wardrobe. 
  4.   Read the care label carefully when you decide on washing a kurta
  5.  Do not put your kurta in a plastic bag as it might damage it.
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