The Best Outfits For Summer Weddings

With the temperatures slowly spreading in Pakistan, and the wedding time coming to its peak, the need for the latest dresses for men following the summer season is imminent. For men attending these events or being the main character of wedding celebrations, the need for the best waistcoat design in Pakistan can be quite significant. From traditional sherwanis to modern kurta pajama sets, there are many outfits available, and the main task is to navigate the intricate lines between choosing the right kind of outfits depending on different events and seasons. This article is a compilation of the best wedding outfits that should be chosen for summer weddings.

The Best Wedding Outfits For The Groom

When it comes to choosing the right kind of outfit for the groom, there are many factors to consider. From outfits like black color sherwani for the groom to dark maroon colored sherwani, the outfits worn by the groom should be not only unique but also exceptional in their quality. The best outfits for the groom are: 

Elegant Sherwani

For the groom, one of the most classic choices available has to be an elegant sherwani. Though it may seem too hot to wear something as thick as a sherwani, there is no need to worry because these days a large number of brands have started releasing sherwanis made from breathable and lighter fabrics to make them perfect for the summer season. With elegant colors like Navy blue, and Black, they are the most classic and timeless choice for grooms.

Exquisite Shalwar Kameez

For grooms wanting to opt for a more simple outfit for their wedding events, an exquisite shalwar kameez for the groom is the go-to option. With its exceptional stitching and light fabrics, a shalwar kameez remains the best summer wedding outfit for all grooms. Paired with a simple waistcoat or a shawl, it adds a touch of luxury to the subtlety of the shalwar kameez. The groom can also add embroidered shawls for a touch of refinement.

Tailored Waistcoats

It is only normal for the groom to wish for a lighter option as compared to a traditional sherwani, to stay comfortable in the hot climate. Thus, a waistcoat is the perfect choice. It can be paired with a kurta Pajama or a shalwar kameez, to create an ensemble full of grace and charm. It is better to opt for waistcoats with embroidery and motif designs on top. They are available in a large variety of colors and can be worn for Mehendi outfits or Mayon celebrations. 

The Best Outfits For Wedding Guests

When it comes to finding wedding outfits for guests in the summer season, there are fewer things to consider. However, it is essential to consider things like the comfortability and the modesty of these outfits. The best wedding outfits for guests to wear are: 

Kurta Pajama Set

When online kurta shopping anywhere in Pakistan, individuals will find a large number of varieties. There is a huge amount of different kurta pajama sets available in different colors, designs, fabrics, and even thicknesses. This variety provides individuals with an opportunity to choose colors that coordinate with the event theme, and fabrics that do not make you feel constricted. They can be paired with stylish waistcoats or colorful shawls to add a touch of sophistication to the outfits. 

Modern Sherwanis

Unlike traditional sherwanis, modern sherwanis are comparatively less traditional and have a lot more modern elements into them. They feature a larger number of colors, like green sherwani, black velvet color sherwani, and even reds. They are also available in short sizes, making them perfect for being paired with a kurta pajama or shalwar kameez. They have detailed embroidery and even modern motifs to make them perfect for both casual and formal wear.

Eastern wedding outfits are considerably cultural and traditional, making them rich in the heritage of the country. The best sherwani brand in the world; Arsalan Iqbal has curated a large number of wedding outfits perfect for both the groom and the wedding guests. With wedding outfits from Arsalan Iqbal, each individual can make the most of their summer wedding. 

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