What Should A Groom Wear For His Mehandi?

The Mehndi ceremony holds a lot of significance in Pakistani weddings and is considered the starting event of every Asian wedding. When people are trying to find the latest wedding dresses for men, they need to consider many factors like the theme, the colors, and the intricacy of the event. As a groom, choosing the right outfit for each event be it a black colour sherwani for groom or any other outfit, they need to choose outfits that are bound to be statement pieces for their Mehandi events. This article intends to educate our grooms on the best outfits for their Mehandi event. 

The Tradition of Mehendi Ceremony

Before we consider many Eastern options available for men, we need to understand the culture behind a Mehandi event.  Traditionally, a mehandi event is held a day or two before the actual wedding event and is considered to be an event for beautifying the groom and bride. Women focus on applying Mehandi, and the event is overall extremely upbeat. Vibrant colors, loud music, crazy dancing, and a laid-back mood are a mehendi event's main theme. It is a time for the guests and the family to enjoy and celebrate their happiness regarding the wedding event. 

Groom Fashion Trends For Mehndi Events

Many ongoing trends have been changing the world of men's mehndi fashion, and the best trends for every groom to keep in their outfit choices are: 

  • Kurta Sets

With the help of online shopping for kurta in Pakistan, grooms can find many vibrant and stunning kurta sets for their mehndi ceremony. They come in colors like Yellow kurta sets, hot pink, red, green, and even orange. The large variety available is a truly one-of-a-kind deal. 

  • Sherwani

A rather basic yet timeless option is a sherwani, like a dark maroon sherwani for mehndi events. The modern sherwanis are seen with exceptional embroideries and even floral patterns. They are also available in unique and upbeat colors, making them perfect for events like the mehndi ceremony. 

  • Shalwar Kameez

Another simple and modest outfit choice is a shalwar kameez. Paired with a vibrant waistcoat, or a shawl, can make even a simple white shalwar kameez for the groom into something extremely unique and different. 

Accessorize You Mehandi Outfit

Now that we have discussed the best options for mehendi outfits, we need to take a look at how these outfits can be accessorized to ensure individuality and uniqueness. The best ways to accessorize mehndi outfits are: 

  • Turban

Considered to be the pride of every man, a turban is the best masculine accessory out there. A colorful and embroidered turban can be paired with black velvet-colored sherwani to create a truly regal and unique mehndi outfit for the groom. 

  • Embroidered Mojris\Khussa

Paired with embroidered khussa or mojris, there is no groom out there who will look bad. One of the most elegant shoes available, these mojris are exceptional when paired with a unique waistcoat design and aesthetic in Pakistan. 

  • Floral Jewelry

Mehndi is the perfect opportunity for the groom to wear the glamor that they truly enjoys. With the help of floral jewelry, like simple bracelets or brooches, grooms can enjoy the grace of feminine flowers while enjoying the comfort of masculine fashion. 

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