February 22, 2022
Winter weddings are now done and dusted and Arsalan Iqbal left a great mark upon the bridal trends as well. Now is the high time to prep up for the upcoming spring weddings. Let’s talk about what’s in and what’s not, what the brides prefer to wear, the color scheme of their dress. Let’s talk about everything that will help the bride’s special day to be as stress-free as can be because planning the big day takes quite a huge toll on the nerves of the brides. From deciding upon the venue, dress, decor, menu, jewelry, shoes and the list goes on and on; the wedding glee turns into a wedding fiasco.
Being a bride is a lot more complicated than one might think. Having pre-wedding jitters, that feeling of leaving your home, your room, and your loving family behind gives the bride anxiety and uncertainty. Arsalan Iqbal wants the brides to be truly relaxed and happy before their wedding day, thus keeping their sanity and peace in mind; we have an amazing bridal wear collection to choose from and take at least that one major big thing of the bride’s bucket list and keep your reasoning intact. Our Pakistani Wedding Dresses are one of a kind and made with utmost attention to detail so that the end result is loved by all.
Spring is just around the corner and soon the spring weddings will be in full swing. Keeping in mind, that spring in Karachi comes hand in hand with humid hot weather. Here’s a guide to what a bride should wear, in accordance with Karachi’s weather. First and foremost, let’s talk about the color of your dress. On the day of Barat, the bride usually wears red or any other color in a darker shade. As we all know dark shades make one feel hot, yet we all know that red is the one main color that our Eastern brides love to choose for their wedding day.
Arsalan Iqbal suggests their brides choose a hue in a lighter shade that will complement the red and balance out the darker shade to make you feel lighter and breezy under the glaring lights. Pairing up red with lighter tones of rust, orange, turquoise, white or green will make your dress look super gorgeous. Stop by at Arsalan Iqbal and choose from our range of Pakistani Bridal Dresses with intricate designs and beautiful shades and leave your worries at our threshold.
At Arsalan Iqbal, you will see the finest, most elegant looking Pakistani Wedding Collection along with Bridal Hum Couture to pick from. For your Wallima / reception go for lighter tones to give you a whole new and different look as compared to your wedding day look. Light shades go well with spring weddings and valima and if you are having a day event or photoshoot then your photos will turn out to be incredible.
Fret not Pakistani Wedding Designers at Arsalan Iqbal are here to cater to our beautiful brides and make their special days as easy and perfect as can be. We wish all our brides to have a blast at their wedding and a happy future with their other half.