Colors selection for a bridegroom in summer weddings
February 24, 2022
When we talk about bridegrooms or men in general, the first thing that comes to mind is that there are very less options when it comes to choosing the color for their sherwani, suit or a tuxedo whereas the brides or rather all women get to pick a color from a wide array of different shades and hues. Selecting a perfect dress designer can solve this problem, as a good designer for wedding dresses keeps everything in mind, including the season. While selecting a designer one must go through the portfolio he holds of his previous clients.
Talking about a great designer we can’t miss out on the work done by Arsalan Iqbal as a perfect dress designer in previous years. Talking about bridal we have seen Off White angarkha-cut gown with a combination of moss green, white silk lehenga with tangerine blouse , and so on. As attached and well cared, the brides at Arsalan Iqbal are, the bridegrooms are not left unanswered as well. He treats the bridegrooms with paramount attention and suggests to them different ideas so that they can easily choose from lesser options although now there have been shades upon shades in color families that have made the job a little bit easier for men. At Arsalan Iqbal, men can easily select from our huge range of clothes design for men.
Let’s start with the most important big event, the Barat day! As difficult as it is for brides to choose their wedding wear, men face tough times as well. The traditional sherwani with a touch of modern detailing looks trendy and one of a kind. Now for a spring wedding, the color selection becomes harder as darker schemes may make you feel hot in Karachi’s harsh, humid weather. You can go for white sherwani  or the light shades of greyish silver  or go for a light blue outfit  for your big day, and while selecting these lighter shades you don’t need to skip your desire to look trendy with most fashionable collection available at Arsalan Iqbal. These lighter shades are easy-to-wear and can feel more breathable. Pair it up with a turban in contrasting shades (can match your bride’s outfit) and you will look perfect. Arsalan Iqbal has brought to you a whole collection of Formal Sherwani ideas to be chosen from.
Being a renowned men’s designer in Pakistan, we can guide you regarding the clothes design men for your Valima ensemble as well. You can find out the best colors that a bridegroom can opt for his Valima Day in a spring wedding. As we all know black, blue, navy and greys are the essential weapons in your arsenal and look good on men at any time of the day. But there are other options as well to pick from such as coffee brown , tan or deeper tones of tan as these colors have the luxury of complementing several warm and cool hues. Charcoal grey or Cambridge grey will go well in the Spring as well. The next thing you can go for is the materials that are textured woven as they look great in spring weddings.
White or pale gold sherwanis look great on men, similarly, for your wedding reception/valima, you can go for ivory or off-white suits. If you have a daytime event then ivory or off-white suits will seem the perfect ones. Amongst all the male guests of the event, wearing either of these two shades will make you stand out in the sea of similar suited men. Ivory or off-white, when chosen for a suit, can be a tough deal because it may not look well on everyone thus dressing according to your skin tone is a must.
Last but not the least, we cater to those bridegrooms as well who are pretty anti to being dressed on their wedding day or are uncomfortable wearing sherwanis and feel caged in them or for any other reason/s. Arsalan Iqbal offers to such men our exclusive Men branded shalwar kameez which can be paired up with a super trendy waistcoat, prince coat, or a fancy jacket . A waistcoat can be worn in matching or contrasting tones and will give you a sober, elegant look along with being comfortable as well. We have got everything as per the needs of our esteemed customers.
Keeping all of the above in mind, Arsalan Iqbal stays abreast of Pakistan Men Fashion and provides all our male clients with excellent service and the freshest of ideas and collections from which you can pick out your garb in an experience that is hassle-free and enjoyable for you.