How Can A Black Velvet Sherwani Be Styled for Different Events?

When it comes to wedding events, most grooms opt for a Black Velvet Sherwani. The charm of a velvet black sherwani is something that exceeds all beauty standards, and for most men, this becomes a one-time outfit only. But at Arsalan Iqbal, we believe outfits should be worn until their cost has been made up. Our premium black velvet sherwani ensures every groom has an outfit they can wear multiple times. 

Why Is It Important To Rewear Outfits?

When it comes to professionally crafted and branded, ethnic clothes, they can be quite expensive. Wearing them only once is quite a bit of waste, and it makes the extremely elegant and luxury sherwani a useless item in your wardrobe. It is essential to understand that clothes will decompose over time, and in a few years, that outfit may not be good for wear. That is why, try wearing it a good few times when you can.

How To Rewear Black Velvet Sherwani?

Several events can match the vibe of a black Sherwani. Even at your friends’ wedding, or a formal business event, a black velvet Sherwani is highly capable of blending in with its extreme versatility. The ways to wear a black sherwani are:

Family Wedding Reuse

If you are a Pakistani, you will understand that most weddings are filled with overdressed people, and no one seems to be getting offended. That is the beauty of ethnic weddings, you can wear your wedding outfit and no one will mind. Try reusing your black velvet sherwani on your cousin, or sibling's wedding.

Rewear It On Your Friend's Wedding

Having a friend get married, means that it is a chance for great celebration and joy. Wearing your black sherwani at your friends' baraat or reception can be quite fitting. It is a great chance to re-wear your sherwani for a wedding event. You can even keep the buttons of your sherwani open, to appear less formal and comfortable. 

Cultural Office Events

If your office or job is holding a cultural event, wearing velvet black sherwani can be quite a unique approach to otherwise simple cultural events. Spice up your next cultural event by choosing to wear a black velvet sherwani. Pair your sherwani with a kurta pajama. With online kurta shopping in Pakistan you have great options to get it easily online. Be comfortable to showcase a completely elegant and elevated outfit in such event. 

Rent It For Rewear

If you do not have a place to wear your Sherwani and are afraid it is going to rot in the closet, you can rent it out. There are many platforms that are ready to take your outfits and rent them to less fortunate people with smaller budgets. They will provide insurance and for even a small damage, you can get the full amount of the outfit back. It is a great way to make some money by making sure the Black Velvet Sherwani is appreciated by someone. 

Renting out a sherwani may seem weird and most people stay clear of it. But if you have invested in a high-quality Sherwani, wearing it only once may be quite a waste. With high-quality stitching and premium velvet fabric, Arsalan Iqbal Black Velvet Sherwani paired with a simple Shalwar Kameez is the best option for all formal and informal events. Invest in a high-quality Sherwani with premium fabric and stitching, to completely change up your wedding look, and enjoy the convenience of only needing one outfit for all the cultural events. Select Arsalan Iqbal’s latest dresses for men and invest in convenience and elegance. 

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