What Colors To Choose For Your Wedding Outfit?

When it comes to the latest dresses for men, many people have started focusing on how the groom dresses, too. In recent years, there has been an enormous shift in fashion, and men have started paying a lot more attention to their wedding outfits. This article is an in-depth tutorial on the colors that should be chosen for different wedding events.

What Colors Should I Wear On My Engagement?

If you are getting engaged, and wish to prepare a gorgeous outfit, consider a few things. The first consideration has to be the theme of the engagement, and the color of your fiancé's outfit. If there is no color or theme, opt for lighter colors, like gray, or pink, for a more relaxed look. You can opt for a kurta pajama, for its simple yet elegant look.

What Colors Should I Wear For Nikkah?

In recent years, colors like white and gold, and have been dominating the nikkah themes. Opt for a simple, gold or white-colored shalwar kameez, for a beautiful and charismatic nikkah event. You can also opt for darker colors, like chocolate brown kurta pajama, for an evening nikkah event. Arsalan Iqbal provides premium fabrics with a highly sophisticated shine to completely change your nikkah look. 

What Colors Should I Wear For Mehndi?

If you are going for a mehndi event, bright colors, like yellow and green can be quite fitting. Opt for a simple sky blue shalwar kameez or a shiny mustard yellow kurta pajama. Mehndi events call for comfortable, and movable outfits, given the constant dancing and moving involved in the event. You can also add on a brightly colored waistcoat, to make sure the outfit looks fancy. 

What Colors Should I Wear For Baraat?

If you want the perfect outfit for your baraat, opt for a fancy Black Velvet Sherwani, if it is a winter event. You can also try colors like navy blue and black for a basic yet shiny outfit. The shine of the black can be enhanced with a velvet shawl that matches the red of your bride's outfit. This provides a great way for the groom and bride to match without seeming pretentious. Wear a simple black kurta pajama underneath. Opt for a simple black shalwar kameez with a shawl, if you wish to have a comfortable and informal Barat event. 

What Colors Should I Wear For Reception?

Reception events are considered to be a rather laid-back event with the only purpose being dinner. Most walimas are held in pastel colors and tones, making a white, gold, or sky blue sherwani a rather unique yet fitting color. The lighter-colored Sherwani comes with heavy embroidery and Shiny ornamentation to elevate the outfit. You can also opt for a dark maroon sherwani with a shawl to experience the essence of winter weddings. 

When you are trying to do online kurta shopping in Pakistan for all wedding outfits, it is essential to understand that you can choose multiple colors. Most Eastern weddings have upwards of 3-4 events per wedding, and you can wear all the colors you like at different events. 

The Best Designer to Choose for Your Wedding Look

With the latest dresses for men and unique color themes, Arsalan Iqbal brings a unique yet elegant approach to men's wedding fashion. As men focus on their outfits, and consider the high-quality fabrics, they will find Arslan Iqbal to be the premium choice. Arsalan Iqbal has carefully created a line of premium ethnic outfits so that every man can find the ensemble of their dreams. With the detailed stitching, extremely sophisticated and unique designs, and highly experienced craftsman, each outfit is made with perfection in mind. 

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