Occasions to Wear An Elegant Waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez

Occasions to Wear An Elegant Waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez

Men these days put in lots of effort to improve the way they look. From hairstyle to clothes and footwear everything is decided by them after giving it a long thought. They try their best to look elegant and stylish. Men's dress can be overall divided into Eastern and Western wear. Although Westernization forces you to think highly of modern Western clothes you must know that Eastern clothing has its own charm. It provides the wearer with additional grace and sophistication making them look the best-dressed person in the room. Our traditional dresses including stylish kurtas for men to designer men's shalwar kameez, are considered the epitome of elegance. At Arsalan Iqbal, you can find a wide variety of traditional clothing that enhances the class of your wardrobe. 

One of the most loved combinations in Eastern clothing is a waistcoat with shalwar kameez.  This dress code has a loyal fan following of its own. In Pakistan, several people choose to go with these stylish options for important days of their lives including weddings. Here is a guide where going with this simple yet classy get-up can help you to grab the attention of all the eyes:

Events where you can wear this classic combination:


In Pakistan, wedding festivities go on for days with a large number of events that have to be attended. This means you need a separate dress for each of the functions. Nobody desires to make a compromise on their appearance for such important gatherings. A waistcoat with a salwar kameez can rescue you from all the wedding functions. Mehndi can be celebrated by wearing bright-colored embroidered waistcoats with flamboyant kurtas for men. On baraats, you can go for a dark-colored salwar kameez with a black waistcoat. Whereas an all-white look may be the perfect choice for Valimas. 


Attending a sacred occasion of Meelad un Nabi (S.A.W) is a great opportunity to nourish your soul. While remembering the pious acts of our Holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) one should also be clean and attend the event with grace to exhibit the discipline and sophistication of the Muslim community. It is highly crucial you should never ignore your physical get-up. A well-designed salwar kameez from Arslan Iqbal can help you look your best on such an important day. The addition of an elegant waistcoat can further brighten your look for the day. 

3.Jummah prayer

For Muslims, Jummah prayer is of great significance. From taking a bath to wearing new clothes on the most blessed day of the week is highly appreciated. To make yourself ready for highly important Jummah prayer you may always go with a salwar kameez. A white salwar kameez is always the best pick for Jumma. Adorn it with an equally graceful waistcoat from Arsaln Iqbal. The pairing would make you ready to visit the Mosque to perform obligatory duties.

4.Eid festivals

Eid is celebrated with great passion in Pakistan. From young kids to grown-ups everyone puts in effort and looks their best. People get new clothes stitched for this auspicious occasion. For men, the Salwar kameez has always been the way to. A well-stitched Salwar kameez can never be the wrong call. It always enhances a person’s appearance. Investing in this fine cloth can be the best decision of your life. Look at Arsalan Iqbal's premium collection of salwar kameez and style it with amazing waistcoats. 

5.Family gatherings 

Who doesn't want a break from the monotonous life of work? Family gatherings are a sigh of relief for people stressed with work. They allow us to get rid of our fatigue by having a relaxed dinner without loved ones. They refresh us for another week or month of continuous work. One thing that is immensely important before attending a family event is dressing up appropriately. We want to meet our loved ones while looking elegant and groomed. Kameez shalwar and waistcoat will never disappoint you. Buy this attire from your favorite Arsalan Iqbal and let your family members drool over your sophisticated taste. 

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