Ways to Style Your Waistcoat

Ways to Style Your Waistcoat

Men’s fashion demands equal attention to detail as women’s. The world is changing its dynamics. To keep up with the pace of growing trends and fast-paced fashion one has to keep himself up to date all the time. Gone are the days when the physical appearance of people and the way they carried themselves didn’t matter. In current times from hairstyle and haircut to footwear, everything is being noticed by people. Only those of us who can survive in this fierce world of competition and glamor are aware of the modern style of living. If you wish to see yourself reach the standard set by society you might have to add a little glamor and sophistication to your clothing style. Every article of clothing you choose to wear needs to be styled as per the current trends and fashion demand.

The waistcoat is attire that is worn by people daily. It comes in both traditional and Western clothing. It is getting popular in men’s fashion. One can find a broad range of men’s waistcoats online and in the market. Most people wear it for the sake of comfort and warmth even though when styled appropriately it has the power to elevate your taste in dressing several times. The waistcoat is a cool upper wear option that can be worn in different ways to bring additional elegance and grace into the wardrobe of a person. Here are a number of ways that can help you to be more creative and bold with the waistcoat hanging in your wardrobe:

 White Kameez Salwar

A dark color fully embroidered waistcoat can be a good choice to go with a white Kameez salwar. The combination of dark and light never fails to deliver. This cool pairing can be a go-to dress for traditional events of weddings like mehndi and baraat. They can even be worn for Eid Festivals and family dinners. They make a person look attached to their national values while providing them with enough sophistication and attractiveness to make the whole room drool over their dressing sense.      

Kurta pajama

Other than the Kameez salwar a traditional waistcoat can be the right choice of pairing with kurta pajama for men. Kurtas are highly popular among young people in Pakistan. You would hardly find a Pakistani male who doesn’t have an ironed kurta hanging in their wardrobe. A good quality kurta from Arsalan Iqbal when worn with a trendy waistcoat can make you look charismatic. There are different types of kurtas available in the market. A waistcoat can make a good combination with both long-length embroidered kurtas and light-colored casual kurtas. Buy them now at Arsalan Iqbal to step up in the world of glamor.

Dress shirt

A more casual waistcoat can be adorned with a dress shirt and pants to have a more formal look. Such a wardrobe can prepare you for a professional meeting or a formal dinner with colleagues. One can further embellish his garment by adding a pocket square. Some people wear a blazer over it. In our opinion, a waistcoat alone can make you look ready for any occasion thus adding a coat over it might not be necessary. Wearing too many layers can cause you to overdress for any event. Lastly, do not forget to be smart with your footwear as well.   

Waistcoat with jeans

If you are a highly social person with a large number of friends and often have to join your peers for casual hangouts, dinners, and lunches. You want to look your best when going to a casual fun event but at the same time, you do not want your dress to be fancy. Well, a waistcoat can help you to create a cool and trendy wardrobe. By pairing it with a casual shirt, jeans, and sneakers you can be more than ready for a day with your squad. This casual smart dressing option can allow you to look attractive while keeping your attire simple.  

Accessories that can go well with a waistcoat

No matter what you wear, good accessories and attention to detail can provide your clothes with a new and fresh look. These accessories show that a person has been paying attention to his personality. Here are a few accessories that can be adorned with a waistcoat that can allow you to be more charming:

  1.     A watch can make your dress look highly formal
  2.     You can wear graceful and elegant sunglasses with your attire.
  3.     For a wedding or engagement ceremony, you can match a turban   with your Jamawar waistcoat design.
  4.   Shawls are a highly trending item in men’s fashion. A shawl over Kameez shalwar and waistcoat can be a good way to carry yourself for both formal and casual events.
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